Storage Heaters

Dimplex is the world leader in energy efficient heating solutions.

For over 60 years. Dimplex has built its portfolio to the point where it is now the brand leader in electric space heating, offering over 700 products, the widest in the world. Its growth can be attributed to providing affordable heating solutions that are efficient, reliable and durable, as well as attractively designed.

The UK Heating market is changing at a very fast pace. Rising CO2 Emissions and spiralling fuel costs mean find a more energy-efficient way to heat our home is our main priority.

Features of The Quantum Heater


Great advances in insulation technology and controllability ensure the Quantum heater is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than other comparable electric heaters.

The Quantum heater uses insulation material which comes close to the lowest theoretically possible thermal conductivity – an insulation with a thermal conductivity even lower than that of still air.

Better still, Quantum uses off-peak tariffs whenever possible to minimise costs, so users can enjoy all the benefits of electric heating, with running costs unattainable by other direct acting electric systems. And to top it all, the Quantum heater is easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

Quantum technical specification

Model QM070 QM100 QM125 QM150
Height 730mm 730mm 730mm 730mm
Width 703mm 865mm 1069mm 1069mm
Depth 185mm 185mm 185mm 185mm
Installed Weight 83kg 107kg 135kg 155kg
Output Rating 700W 1000W 1250W 1500W
Input Rating 1560W 2200W 2760W 3300W
Max. Storage Capacity 10.9kWh 15.4kWh 19.3kWh 23.1kWh
Boost Element Rating 630W 880W 1130W 1300W
Energy Cell Packs Required 6 8 10 12

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  • Uses off-peak tariffs for low running costs – on a room-by-room basis it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met by off-peak energy
  • Automatically adjusts to the user’s needs through its dynamic storage capacity
  • Precisely matches the user’s chosen heating profile
  • Easy-to-use, electronic user interface with LCD display complete with:
    • room temperature setting
    • seven-day programmer
    • installer settings
  • Designed to operate on any off-peak tariff
  • Fan-assisted output for extremely rapid heat-up time
  • Soft-start, ultra quiet fan for minimum intrusion
  • Boost element ensures heat is always available even with unexpected demand
  • Attractive, state-of-the-art design
  • Compact design (no deeper than a double wet radiator) with flexible mounting options and adjustable feet positions
  • Covers previous ‘fixing marks’ of most comparably sized traditional storage heaters
  • Optional communications link for demand side management to help stabilise the electricity supply network
  • Ideal replacement for old storage heaters

Panel Heaters


Dimplex Quantum Q-Rad

An advanced electric radiator with incredible performance and stylish looks. The Quantum electric radiator is perfect for a wide range of applications thanks to its intelligent control system.


  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat
  • Advanced controls with cap-sense technology for total flexibility of heating
  • Convected heat for rapid warm-up, radiant heat for added comfort
  • Attractive styling to match the Quantum off peak heater range

Q-Rad technical specification

Model QRAD050 QRAD075 QRAD100 QRAD150 QRAD200
Loading 0.5kW 0.75kW 1.0kW 1.5kW 2.0kW
Convective Element 301W 551W 714W 1213W 1660W
Radiant Element 199W 199W 286W 287W 340W
Height (A) 546mm 546mm 546mm 546mm 546mm
Width (B) 513mm 513mm 675mm 756mm 918mm
Depth (C) 105mm 105mm 105mm 105mm 105mm
Fixing Points 225mm 225mm 387mm 468mm 630mm
Clearance 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Weight 7.1kg 7.1kg 8.7kg 9.4kg 11.0kg
Colour White
Warranty 2 years

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Cap-sense programmer offering pre-set programmes, comfort and setback temperature selection. Additional settings include holiday mode, control lock, open window sensing and automatic warm-up technologies.


Electronic type accurate to +/- 0.2degC

Thermal Cut-out

Automatic reset


Convection-Tubular element with aluminium coated fins for improved convected performance. Radiant Cable foil element. Silicone insulated heating cable on an aluminium sheet.

Bathroom Heaters


Dimplex – Apollo 1kW Electronic Radiant Bathroom Panel / Towel Heater – White

There’s a new ‘space age’ in bathroom warmth and style with the launch of the Apollo radiant towel rails from Dimplex that give a ‘two in one’ combination of efficient heating with towel warming.


  • Compact, stylish casing with distinctive curved grille
  • Two fixed towel hangers (not heated)
  • Highly comfortable radiant heat output, reducing heat stratification and energy wastage
  • Fitted with an electronic thermostat, accurate to within 0.1oC to maintain a stable room temperature
  • User selectable comfort, background and frost protection settings
  • Splash proof (IPX4 rated) for use in bathrooms and wet areas
  • Controls cover which can be locked if necessary
  • Compatible with Dimplex single or 4 zone multi-heater programmers

Water Cylinders


The world’s most advanced direct electric water cylinder

The Quantum cylinder is a class-leading and intuitive, smart energy storage water vessel. Offering reliable hot water and low running costs, the Quantum range is available in a choice of five capacities, from 125 litres to 300 litres – all unvented.

So there’s a cylinder to suit even the most demanding household.

Key benefits

  • Energy storage feedback display – Helps homeowners to plan their water usage accordingly
  • Holiday function – Ensures heating function is disabled during holiday periods
  • Energy consumption history – Helps homeowners to identify usage patterns and modify consumption
  • Family setting* – Enables increase of stored hot water volume to accommodate short-term visitor needs
  • Party function* – Extends timer programme by a number of hours
  • Timer programme* – User can create profile with four on/off times and independent volume / temperature settings

*Family setting, party function and timer programmer functions are only available to households with a standard tariff and not available to those using an off-peak tariff (i.e. Economy 7).

Quantum Cylinder Technical Specification

Model QWCd125 QWCd150 QWCd210 QWCd250 QWCd300
Volume 125l 150l 210l 250l 300l
Height 945mm 1115mm 1490mm 1765mm 2065mm
Diameter 580mm 580mm 580mm 580mm 580mm
T&P Valves 720mm 890mm 1265mm 1540mm 1840mm
Immersion 1 208mm 208mm 208mm 208mm 208mm
Immersion 2 570mm 650mm 820mm 1265mm 1495mm